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Take the stress out of shopping for a Wheelchair Van

Wheelchair Vans In Omaha

Shopping for Wheelchair Vans can get very confusing and stressful because of the different conversions, options, and dealers. People will ask what makes one van better than another but it is not an easy answer. As much as I am proud of the products and manufacturers we represent, I know that our vans don’t fit everyone and for several reasons- Ramp capacity, price, features, headroom, etc.

The first thing that experts will recommend is to do your due diligence. Research the different types of vans that are out there and take note of your specific requirements. Is there room for a side-entry ramp to fully extend in your normal parking areas? Will you need to transport more than 1 chair occasionally? Go to the NMEDA website and watch some of the presentations that are designed to help make decisions in purchasing mobility products. Visit other mobility websites and take note of the available resources for grants and funding options.

After you have armed yourself with these resources, contact a local dealer and go through a needs analysis to see what type of Wheelchair Van will best suit you. The dealer will be able to provide information about warranties, crash tests, and specific conversion processes. Remember, an informed buyer is a happy buyer!

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